Terms of Sale

We have you, the customer, at the heart of what we do. It is our priority to create a business which listens to you and, importantly, delivers on its promise. Never is this more important than with the quality of our Guitars. We ensure all our guitars are in perfect working order before they travel en route to you.

1. Order

It is your responsibility to confirm that your order is correct at the point of payment. The specification on the order receipt is the specification of the Guitar that we will build.

  1. Core Guitars is happy to discuss the specification of your guitar with you, the customer. We can recommend specification combinations, but ultimately the choice and therefore responsibility is the customers. Once you have paid to buy the Guitar, there’s no going back unless you pay for changes.
  2. If one of the parts specified in your order is unavailable, or will delay the speed of the build, we will email you to let you know.
  3. Changes made to your order after payment may be possible but will result in additional cost to you and a possible delay in receiving the Guitar.
  4. We promise to build the Guitar as per the spec you have decided on in the ordering . Should this not be the guitar that arrives on your doorstep, then please let us know.
  5. We endeavour to make your Core Guitar as accurate as possible to the final image produced through our online 3D configurator tools. These configurators create a graphical representation only, and the guitar you receive will differ from the configured image. 
2. Warranty

All our Guitars come with a 1 year limited , which protects you against defects in material and workmanship.

  1. This warranty is valid for the original owner, eligible 1 year from the date of delivery.
  2. You will receive a copy of the Warranty with your Guitar purchase. You can view the Warranty by clicking here
  3. For anything that falls outside of warranty cover, we will endeavour to help/ advise where we can, and be as transparent as possible to enable you to get your Core Guitar back to full working order.


3. Shipping 

When your Guitar is ready, we will organise for it to be shipped to you.

  1. We will work to get you your Guitar within 15 weeks of you placing the order.
  2. It is our priority that you get a product you love, should this mean there is a delay in getting you the order – based on workmanship delays or products not being available, then we will let you know, and give you a view of the amended timeline.
  3. We are not liable for any costs, losses or damages arising from the ed delivery of your Guitar.
  4. You are responsible for all shipping charges. These will be calculated and added onto your order. These are subject to location.
  5. If you receive the wrong Guitar, or the Guitar that turns up doesn’t include the parts specified on your order form, Core Guitars will cover the cost of return shipping.
  6. If your Guitar is damaged upon arrival, Core Guitars will cover the cost of return provided you have taken photographs of the damage as you discover it and notify Core Guitars within 24 hours of delivery.


4. Returns

1. Due to the fact our Guitars are custom made, and each guitar is completely different, orders cannot be cancelled, returned or refunded. Some exceptions apply:-

  1. If your guitar shows up with a broken or defective part, we promise to make it right. Tell us the problem by emailing info@coreguitars.co.uk, and attaching a photo/ sound-clip of the problem/ fault.
  2. You must contact us and attach proof of the fault within 24 hours of receiving the Guitar. We will then call you to discuss the fault, and what we can do to put it right. Once we have agreed that the fault is eligible for return, we will then issue you with a returns number and address.
  3. You must write the returns number clearly on the packaging. Any returns which do not have the number clearly displayed will not be accepted by us when returned by the delivery company.
  4. You must return the Guitar in the Guitar case and packaging it was delivered in, and repackage it securely. The protective cover of scratch plates should not be removed, or the product be altered in any way. Should the returned Guitar show evidence of damage beyond that that we received photographic proof of, based on improper handling, insufficient packaging, or misuse, it will not be eligible for free correction.
  5. Once the correction has been agreed, Core Guitars will organise for the Guitar to be returned.
  6. The defect will be corrected at the expense of Core and returned to you within an agreed time – this will be decided on a case by case basis – based on the defect.
  7. Natural imperfections in the wood are not considered a defect. Defect in the wood would be the result of bashed/ indents, unnatural irregularities. 

2. We realise that things can change, so should you wish to cancel your Core Guitar order, you can do so within 30 days from the date of sale.

  1. If you would like to cancel your order, please email info@coreguitars.co.uk, stating your order number.
  2. We will refund 50% of the total cost, within 30 days, based on the cost already spent on ordering wood, hardware etc, and any labour costs up until that point.
  3. The refund will not include Custom taxes, Duties on Guitars, or charges Core Guitars paid when taking payment.
  4. Refund will be made back to your original payment card. There may be a cost to refund onto credit cards – which will be decided by the credit card provider and is chargeable against the refund.


5. Privacy Policy

In agreeing to the terms of sale you are agreeing to our privacy policy. Detail of which can be found here