Breaking down the barrier to custom needed to be more than just reducing the price of a custom build. We wanted to rewrite what 'custom' actually meant.
No more 1 on 1 time with a luthier. No more being overwhelmed with options (unless you wanted to be).  No more having to make multiple decisions during a build when you really only wanted to have high quality pickups, and choose the aesthetics. For us, we needed to start making the whole thing more accessible - the buying experience, the build experience, the price range. 

The outcome of this are our 3 Configurator Series - Core Custom. Core Semi-Custom. Core Custom X. 

Each will suit a different budget, different build preferences, and different configurations. We explain them in more detail below, but it's worth having a go on all the configurators to really see what the differences are. 
Our configurators will help you visualise your Core Guitar, as it comes to life on screen. They will also give you instant price updates, so you know when to rein it in, or go all out.  

Although playing around of the configurators may be fun, we take our Guitars very seriously. For us that means ensuring that only the highest quality Guitars are ever played by you. If you've tried one of our showcase guitars you will know how beautifully they play, and the high level they are finished to. We pride ourselves on building high quality Guitars and have made the decision to have them produced here in the UK, so that we can be in control of every stage of the build. We set your Guitar's string gauge to your individual taste & have your Core Guitars professionally Plek Fret Dressed*. Nothing will leave our door until it has been meticulously tested & inspected by us. Only then will it be shipped to you in a Hiscox case. 



The Semi-Custom series is custom in its simplest form. Perfect for those on a tighter budget, or for players who are overwhelmed by the huge amount of options to choose from.
Choose: Shape, Woods, Finish, Colour, Bridge Type, Hardware Colour, Pickup Configuration and Bare Knuckle Bootcamp Pickup Voicing.
You'll receive a high quality, British-made guitar, customised to your taste and playing style at a comparable price to a mass produced US guitar. Pretty impressive right?
Starting at £915


Core Custom gives buyers a say at every point of the build. All Core Custom Guitars are PLEK fret dressed for unrivalled playability. You'll get a 2-piece high quality body and Neck with applied fretboard.
Starting at £1325.


Core X enables you to choose from even more hardware options from the likes of Schaller and Gotoh. You'll also have the option to combine any of the above options, meaning you can have a 3-piece body and 1-piece neck (from the Semi-Custom Series) with high end pickups and hardware (from the Custom Series). Compromising where you see fit.

Coming Soon