Our Process


Use our configurators to build a guitar which matches your style, taste and budget.

Once you have settled on your dream design, click ‘Add to Cart’.

You will be directed to the payment page where you can review your order. This is incredibly important. Make sure to thoroughly review the specifications, as we can’t promise to be able to make any changes after this point.

You can either pay in full upfront through your favourite payment method. Or choose 50% deposit followed by three monthly instalments option at the checkout. We will then invoice you for the 50% deposit which you can pay online. Once the payment is received, et voila it’s over to us!


When we receive your order we spend time reviewing its specification to ensure it everything makes sense. If there is anything that doesn’t seem right, or wouldn’t sound right, we will reach out to you to suggest some changes. Where possible we will try to suggest changes which keep your build within the same price as your current order.

Once we are happy with your specification, we will get to work bringing your guitar to life.


We start by procuring your specified parts and machining your chosen body shape and neck. All of this is conducted in the UK and we expect it to take less than 6 weeks.

Your guitar will then receive its finish before having your specified pickups, tuners, & bridge assembled. 

Once the build is complete we will run a functionality test on the electronics. If specified, your Core Guitar will be off to the PLEK machine to be fret dressed and have its nut slots adjusted to perfectly match your string gauge.


We want to ensure you are kept in the loop throughout the build. You will hear from us - 

1. When we have received your order. We will ask for any clarification required and let you know we are getting to work. 
2. When the neck and body have been machined. We will send a photo update, so you can see your Core Guitar starting to come together. 
3. When your guitar has been sprayed or oiled. We know this is an exciting moment, expect to receive a photo showing her finish. 
4. When your Guitar is finished, and ready to be shipped to you. We will work with you to pick a suitable date for delivery.


Your Core Guitar will undergo a thorough quality inspection and play test. Only once we are satisfied with the final product will your guitar begin its journey to you.

If we aren’t completely happy with the guitar, we will make the necessary changes which may result in a delay.


If you are based in the UK your Guitar should take 1-3 working days to reach you.

Your Core Guitar will be fully insured on its journey to you. Please inspect the guitar when you receive it and let us know if something doesn’t seem right*.

Now over to you – enjoy!


*Check out our Terms of Sale for more detail.