Pickups can shape the tone of a guitar more than any other feature.

A pickup's function is to convert the vibration of the string into an electrical signal which can then be amplified. It does this by creating a magnetic field around the strings. When a note is plucked, the string vibrations create a current in a copper coil inside the pickup at the same frequency as the strings vibrations. This is then manipulated by pedals and amplified to give your dream tone. If you start off with a bad signal, no amount of pedals or manipulation with deliver what you are looking for. That's why we only offer extremely high quality pickups, hand-wound here in the UK. 🇬🇧 

We exclusively offer Bare Knuckle Pickups. They have a huge range and are the best pickups we have come across. For more detail on all of their models click their logo below. You can hear sound clips to get a real feel for the tone.

There are three main types of pickup, and plenty of variations within these:


Humbuckers are great for high gain situations. They have helped to shape the sound of rock and metal over the years. They can sound dark in clean tone under certain situations, but with the EQ set correctly they can sound great in all situations. They don't suffer from background hum (hence the name), which makes them even more suited to high gain styles of music.


Single coil pickups give that 'bell like' chime, and excel in delivering clean tones. With gain they will introduce hum, but their tone is worth it. If you are having issues with hum, keep an eye out for dimmer switches in you mains supply - they can cause havoc with audio equipment. They give a distinctly brighter tone when drive with scoop mids


P90 pickups are essentially overwound single coils. They have a distinctive growl and biting mids. They can suffer from hum too, but are great all rounders.

Core Semi Custom come with BARE KNUCKLE BOOT CAMP as standard. 

Choose between Old Guard (Vintage Style), True Grit (Vintage Hot) and Brute Force (Contemporary Metal). These pickups represent exceptional value for money, you won't be disappointed.

Core Custom allow you to choose

Core Custom X allow you to choose