Neck Profile

The neck profile is the shape of the back of the neck. As you will always be in contact with this part of the neck it is a key choice whilst building your dream guitar. We currently offer three different neck profiles: Vintage C, Modern C and V.

Neck profile is a matter of personal preference. If in doubt, come and try them out at a guitar show or one of our pop-ups. Here is a written guide to each of ours:


This neck profile will feel familiar to you if you've play vintage S and T-type guitars in the past. This is the standard neck profile on our Semi-Custom guitars and is a safe bet if you are unsure.


This neck is slightly thicker an more V shaped at the 1st fret. It flattens out towards the high frets. It make a great fast playing neck.


This neck profile is quite polarising. Out of those who have played it, some instantly fall in love, others can't quite get used to it. It is quite a heavy V, but is great if you play with your thumb over the top of the fretboard. We'd recommend you give it a go first, unless you are a seasoned V neck fiend.