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Who are we? 

We are a London based guitar business working to bring innovation to the Guitar Industry. Utilising modern technology and the power of consumer feedback, our aim is to give guitarists more buying power and help them sculpt the future of the industry.  


What are we selling?

For years, one part of the electric guitar buying process has remained the same. 
Consciously or subconsciously guitarists make a decision when they first set out buying a guitar. 

To buy a Custom or a Production Guitar...

And, as the rest of the guitar market and guitarists buying experience evolved through technological advancement - this question continued to remain a constant. 

Which got us thinking -

What if we could make custom guitars more accessible to all, and bridge the gap between Custom and 'Off the Shelf' Guitars.

Give buyers more buying options, without the custom guitar price tag, whilst ensuring a high quality product.

How do we do it?

We know that ever




Innovation// Consumer focus// High Quality// Transparency//
British Jobs for British people

Our pricing is completely transparent - so if it costs us more, it costs you more. Which may mean you see things which are slightly different than you would in most companies - for example oil finishes are cheaper than satin. 


We are here to think big and shake things up.
We may have started by bridging the gap between off the shelf and custom made guitars - but we are certainly not done there. 

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