About Us

Hi, we are Core Guitars,

We have some simple beliefs ūüí≠
1. Listen to the guitar community 
2. Use modern technology to bring more innovation to the industry 
3. Build great quality guitars 

We may be new around here, but we have been playing guitars, speaking to guitarists, and analysing the industry for quite some time.

We've learnt about buying pain points. About dream guitars. About budgets.
We've learnt about why people do or don't buy custom.
And we have learnt that a lot of people want to buy a custom guitar. But don't.

So, we set to work. Building a range of products that would start to cater to those custom dreamers: Core Semi Custom. Core Custom. Core Custom X.
These products span across multiple levels of customisation and price. Bridging the gap between custom-made and production guitars.

Want to know more about us?
We were founded by Adam ūüĎ®ūüŹĹ‚ÄćūüĒ¨, an Automotive Engineer with experience in green technology, focusing on early stage innovation and development.¬†
He aims to drive real innovation in the Electric Guitar market by building a business that is ambitious, technologically advanced, and consumer focused. 
You can learn more about the team, and our plans, by following us on Instagram & Facebook.

Let's work on #customforall