We are a London based start-up poised to bring innovation to the guitar industry. Utilising modern technology and the power of consumer feedback, our aim is to give guitarists more buying power and help them sculpt the future of the industry.  

First on our agenda, bridging the gap between off-the-shelf and custom-made guitars, answering guitarists’ desire for more buying options without the custom guitar price tag. With a transparent pricing structure, you are able to specify a guitar to suit your budget, making compromises only where you see fit. We offer a selection of bodies and necks along with main brand pickups and hardware, giving more options than off-the-shelf guitars, with no need to upgrade. 


We are LIVE.

Send us an email at info@coreguitars.co.uk to start building your Core Guitar.


If you want a look at what's to come, check out our prototype app below. 

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